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Carefree Arizona is a luxury lifestyle community where you may access high-end hilltop homes and private Skyranch airpark hangar luxury homes for sale, overlooking Carefree golf greens and mountain views. The distinctive Carefree Community offers a significant array of fine dining, galleries, shopping venues, hiking trails, luxury golf courses, laundry services and spa services. For other cultured features of the Carefree Community, you may contact the Arizona Luxury Estates™ Group.


Carefree Fine Living rated A+

Carefree is considered a reputable upscale residential fine living area. Carefree, Arizona was conceived in the mid-1950s by business partners K.T. Palmer and Tom Darlington as a master-planned community. Carefree incorporated in 1984. Even though considered remote from metro downtown areas; Area Vibes rated Carefree in 2016 as the best place to live< in Arizona.

Carefree Amenities rated A+

Carefree offers fine living amenities of gourmet dining, art galleries, exclusive shops, and other fine living amenities.
Private pilots enjoy the Skyranch Private Airport with luxury hangar homes for sale, and other hangars available for sale or rent, with direct access to the small aircraft private runway. The Carefree Private Airport is encapsulated by stunning hills, golf greens, and Sonoran Desert views.
Carefree is situated 2.9 miles from the recognized "Desert Mountain Golf Country Club™". The Desert Mountain Golf Club™ offers golf club memberships to non-residents. As a member, you will have access to a variety of Desert Mountain™ amenities, including 7 clubhouses. Desert Mountain™ provides the largest collection of Jack Nicklaus Signature Golf Courses, and one distinct par-54 championship course, No. 7 at Desert Mountain™.  
Carefree Sonoran Scenary rated A+

The Carefree Community and neighboring Cave Creek Community home owners appreciate Black Mountain, a majestic Arizona mountain featuring winding roads arising to mountainside plateau views, proffering extraordinary views of the valley. The "Luxury Golf" image above of "The Boulders Golf Club greens and stunning Black Mountain proliferated with Arizona Estates" was photographed by the Arizona Luxury Estates.Co™ Director, C. J. Lykins, Luxury Lister Realtor ®.

Carefree resides 17 miles from Bartlett Lake; as well as from Tonto National Forest.  The Carefree Community and it's neighboring Desert Mountain™ Golf Club savor the distinction of proffering the Sonoran Desert at it's finest.


Carefree Weather rated A


Carefree is a bit more north and higher in elevation than Phoenix or Scottsdale; so it is a few degrees cooler. Carefree elevation is 2,402 and is situated approximately 1,200 feet above Scottsdale and 1,100 above Phoenix. As a result, the climate of Carefree is a bit more moderate than what is seen in Maricopa County, especially during the summer months. Temperatures in Carefree come in between 5 and 7 degrees lower than in some surrounding areas.

Carefree has hot semi-arid climate with very hot summers and temperate winters. Carefree receives approximately 5 inches more rainfall annually than Phoenix, thus an estimated 70 percent more rain. 
Carefree Housing Rated A 

In recent years, Carefree has attracted retirees to this distinctive pleasant community.  The Carefree arid Sonoran Desert is attracting snowbirds, pilots, golfers, bikers, shoppers, and hikers with access to Carefree Private Airport rental or for sale hangars, and close proximity to famous award winning golf clubs nearby.

The Carefree Community offers estates, luxury homes, fine homes, and townhomes. Carefree housing prices are notably more moderate, than in many comparable warm weather USA luxury living areas. 
The price per square foot of homes in Carefree, Arizona listed in the ARMLS varies; but is approximately $396 p|sq|ft. (see below market charts for current rates).  For all aggregate homes over $1 million, the price per square foot varies; but is approximately $494 per sq. foot.  [The enclosed MLS based IDX System generated price index update, provided on March 27, 2021] For up-to-date 'Comparative Marketing Analysis' and 'sq. foot’ approximations direct from the LIVE MLS - Contact The Arizona Luxury Estates™ Group.
Carefree Commute Rated B

Some Carefree business commuters consider living inCarefree provides them an easy commute around Phoenix and Scottsdale and to Tempe.  Assuring many commuters the appeal of more readily accessing various entertainment, artistic, shopping, recreation, service, and other venues found throughout Phoenix readily accessible from Arizona cities. The distance is 23 miles from Carefree to Scottsdale in south direction and 27 miles driving distance, a 35-40 minute car drive to Scottsdale shopping areas, upon following the North Pima Road Route from Carefree to Scottsdale.


Carefree Crime Rating is A+

The crime rate is 76 percent lower than what is find on average in the United States

Credits: AreaVibes, wikipedia and local surveys contributed to the above fine living ratings.