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The Milwaukee Art Museum "The Quadracci Pavilion" designed by Santiago Calatrava 

3-D Artist award lifestyle

United States Art Instructors

As the daughter of a Wisconsin USA Art Instructor, C Lykins spent years perusing The Milwaukee Art Museum, revering "The Quadracci Pavilion", an iconic architectural sculpture designed by Santiago Calatrava. The Milwaukee Art Museum curates masterpieces from the 15th to 20th century European Collections and 17th to 20th century American Collections. The's features artists:  Nardo di Cione, Francisco de Zurbarán, Jean-Honoré Fragonard, Winslow Homer, Auguste Rodin, Edgar Degas, Claude Monet, Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec, Pablo Picasso, Mark Rothko and Andy Warhol.

USA artist heritage

Art Legacy

The Arizona Luxury Estates Director, Mrs. C. Lykins is the daughter of a master-level Art Instructor who specialized in International fine art and architecture; and served a USA community with annual Mall Art Shows. C. Lykins is a college 3-D Art Design Award Winner whose Art design was featured on the cover of an annual community college directory.  C. Lykins was honored by an Art Teacher as a top quality example of applying Art Design principles.

High-end honor highlights

Highlights of C. Lykins' "Awards and Honors" received from quality educators, and luxury or corporate clients:
  • Sold lite luxury essence home in 1 Day upon receiving three offers from MLS,
  • #1 Artist Award of 3-D Design Art featured on a USA College Directory,
  • #1 Advertising Consultant Awards consistently over two years,
  • #1 Electronic Media Ads Product Developer Sales and Trainer,
  • #1 Public Relations Media SME for Des Moines, IA. USA.Test Market,
  • #1 Emerging Electronics Media Advertising Consultant Corporate Trainer,
  • High-end luxury boutique consultant receiving client appreciation honors,
  • Grand mall concierge assurances and high-end couture boutique concierge,
  • Successfully served 100 unique corporate and US Gov contracts or employs,
  • Experienced in "Professional Networking" and set up 100 associates in 80's,
  • Excellence honors in Law course and US Federal Government Adjudication,
  • A Rating in Product Research & Development and Emerging Media Tech,
  • A Rating in International Marketing, and Cultural Sensitivity Analysis,
  • A Rating in Creative Writing, Interpretive Arts, and Public Speaking,
  • #1 Graduate School MIS and BA College Team Project Awards,
  • #1 Science Award and Allied Health Sciences college courses,
  • #1 Interpretative Heritage Project per United States Judge,
  • #2 Speaker of Class Award and National Honor Society Awards,
  • #1 Sportsmanship Award: volleyball, gymnast, baseball, tennis awards,
  • Excellence honors from various corporate business clients,
  • NFIB educator supports for local small businesses.

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