Mansion estate and luxury home's interior designer staging options


The Arizona Luxury Estates Director collaborates with various Interior Designer Luxury Staging Companies . . . based on the individual mansion, estate, or luxe home requiring both furniture and decor furnishings, which luxury clients agree appropriately enhance their for sale mansion, estate or designer home. 
Below we present an interior designer's video on the Arizona luxury property sale topic of: "Why Stage Luxury Properties?.  This presentation video presents one furniture staging company option of 'Lavish Interiors LLC' interior staging services. The Lavish Interiors Company appears to have a versatile inventory of staging luxe home furniture managed at www.StagingFurniture.Net and provided to the Phoenix/Scottsdale metro area.
Sally Castillo and her certified interior designers present the "Interior Designer Process" in an easy-to-understand manner for any luxury clients to review one professional view of the "Luxury Property For Sale Staging Process". Below is a brief introduction presented by 'Lavish Interiors LLC captured from their professional services website: www.StagingFurniture.Net
Designing exceptional homes requires both integrity and creative genius. For more than two decades, Lavish Interiors/Staging Furniture’s team has demonstrated a unique ability to capture the essence of both when providing design services and lifestyle marketing strategies to accelerate home sales. Whether developing design blueprints for builders and developers, or creating remodel plans for individual homeowners, Lavish Interiors/Staging Furniture is the industry leader in luxury home staging and design within the Greater Phoenix Valley, Arizona and Dallas Fort Worth, Texas.  Over the years, our business has expanded to include providing design and staging services not only within Arizona but throughout the U.S. as well. 
Arizona Luxury Estates™ Director's Limited Liability Notice::  Lavish Interiors LLC Company is owned by Chris and Sally Castillo

Lavish Interiors LLC presents a designer's luxury staging steps

Lavish Interiors LLC Company client testimonial honors

Beautiful staging and interior design...helps you sell your home quicker!
Shelley - December 2018     
Tish Tischer, Broker Realty Executives completed a great use of Staging Furniture The whole process was seamless and the crews were courteous and respectful of the property. I highly recommend their services and especially Robin Carter. Definitely a 5 star operation .
We sold the property and closed before the minimum two month rental.
Tish - September 2017     
This store is great! Their showroom right now has more home accessories (Such as accent pillows and vases) than furniture, but what furniture they have is very nice. All of the wares here come from home staging (i.e., the furniture "props" they place in homes for sale to make them more desirable), so although they are considered "used", they haven't actually seen any significant use. There were two associates when I was there, both friendly and ready to help. Their stock changes regularly, so if you don't see something you like the first time you are here, visit again in the future for more high quality wares!
by Karen - March 2014     
I honestly believe it sold because of the staging. It looked amazing! 
Linda, TX
Just saw the pics of your staging! Amazing!
- Cheryl, TX
We ended up with a really good price and a quick sale/closing.  A little bit of everything to thank for that but I definitely give the staging some of the major firepower that made it happen, so thank you and another job well done.
Jon, AZ
Thanks for being so awesome and getting all of this done. You guys do a beautiful job and we are excited for it to be staged and sell!
Lindsey, AZ
I'm referring you to another agent that loved the staging in our Northshore Frisco listing.  Your staging team did a beautiful job and were so easy to work with. I hope she has a great experience like ours. Wishing you all a great weekend! 
Shabana, TX
Our installation looks great! Thank you both so much for your patience and getting us set up!
Melissa, TX
I wanted to thank you for your great job on our property.
Aimee, AZ
Thank you for everything. You guys did a wonderful job.
Jay, TX
Update on Aire Libra, What fun we had !!!!!! the first three days we had it on the market we had 27 showings and 7 offers, two were cash and three were above asking price. The first contract fell out and within an hour we had three other buyers step forward. We had it on the market before for six months and in the entire 6 months had 11 showings. We did put some money into the house to give it a little face lift but the staging was what took it over the top. We have not closed yet but the offer we have in escrow right now is $56,000 over what or best offer was the last time it was on the market. You knocked it out of the park and I cannot tell your how grateful I am to have connected with you. My seller thinks I walk on water. Looking forward to doing it again. 
Sharon, AZ
Thank you again for doing a great job in helping us sell this great home quickly!
Tom, AZ
The staging definitely helped!
Michelle, TX
Guess what? Contract! On top of that, they want pricing to buy a bunch of the furniture...
– Natasha, TX
Great, thank you!  I know your staging services really helped us move the listing quickly! 
- Kim, AZ
We just stopped by the house and just wanted to say thank you! It looks incredible! ? 
- Katherine, AZ
Your staging sells!!!!!!!!!
Thank you and your staff for the amazing job in staging this home. I made a major positive impact with perspective buyers, highlighting the true potential of this home.
Michael, TX
I just wanted to let you know how impressed my husband & I were with your staging company. Our townhome looks amazing!
– Devi, AZ
My partner arrived after I'd left and staging was still in process.  She asks if I was still there when the staging was finished. My reply is no. She says, quote- "This place looks #%**ing amazing."
– Brian, AZ