Luxury client relations and honors

The CPA Advantage Realty Broker, Chris Castillo and his wife who is an interior designer are appreciated thru-out the greater Scottsdale and Phoenix Metro areas of Arizona.  They also have an Accountant Broker in Tucson and a broker staff in Mesa, Arizona.
The Arizona Luxury Estates ™ Director, Mrs. Lykins is a university Art design award winner and works on the luxury marketing and client relations side of the business.  The CPA Advantage Realty Brokers manage the realty logistics details and closing processes. 
Mrs. Lykins has substative 'Client Testimonials' including selling a lite luxury home in one day after receiving 3 offers; but no testimonial evidence was requested of the sellers and buyers for privacy and confidential reasons.
In the future, Mrs. Lykins of the Arizona Luxury Estates Group ™ may request a form of testimonial and update the ArizonaLuxuryEstates.Net ™ web venue.